QuickStore Point-of-Sale

QuickStore Point-of-Sale is real, and it's ready for your store. QuickStore Point-of-Sale is the result of a five year effort that brings you new flexibility, features, and ease of use to your point-of-sale and inventory control operations. QuickStore Point-of-Sale provides hundreds of new features, simplified procedures, 32-bit Windows compatibility, expanded functionality, on-line Help, and on-line teaching tutorials.

Product Information, Sample Screens and Reports

New Sales Entry Features
The Sales Entry screen is both easier and faster for entering new sales. Items are added directly to the transaction without going to a separate item entry screen. Items on the transaction can also be quickly updated to reflect a discount, fixed price, or quantity by using the fast entry options in the "Scan/Qty" field. All Sales, Special Orders, Layaways, and Gift Certificates can be changed, voided, or deleted. All modifications always update inventory, purchase orders, and customer sales information when needed. When delivering items to a customer (i.e. closing a Special Order), you can add new items that the customer wishes to purchase to the delivery transaction. You can also start a new sales entry transaction before finishing the current one and return to the original transaction where you left it.
Purchase Orders
Creating and managing Purchase Orders has never been easier. The Auto-Create option has been expanded to help you to create the purchase orders you want. You can decide whether or not to create purchase orders for stock, special orders, drop ships, and sales. You can also skip creating a purchase order if the order doesn't meet a minimum quantity or amount. The old "posting" method has been removed - further simplifying the process. As soon a purchase order is saved, inventory and special orders are updated. Purchase orders can be changed, voided, or deleted.
Receiving Merchandise
Creating a new purchase order receipt is both easy and fast. After selecting the vendor and purchase order to receive items from, items remaining on the original purchase order are displayed on a list. To select items from the list to be added to the receipt, simply update the quantity received on the list or scan the vendor's UPC barcode. You can also add items to a purchase order receipt even if they are not on a purchase order. The "posting" method has been eliminated - updating inventory, the purchase order, and special orders when the receipt is saved.
Program security options have been expanded and made more flexible. The new security settings allow each user to only have access to the parts of the program you want. There are over 70 individual options that can be set for each user. Not only can you decide whether or not to allow a user to add a new customer, you can set whether or not they can set discounting information for a customer. You can also require a new login before each sale if you wish.
Tag Printing
Tag layouts for Dot Matrix and Laser tag printers have been improved and support has been added for Inkjet printers. Eltron series printers can use a serial port if needed. After printing price tags, the program will allow you to reprint price tags that didn't print properly starting with a particular tag number.
More Features
Audio (*.wav) files using professionally recorded voice prompts are played over the computer's speakers to provide audible confirmation for important actions. Voice responses such as "Invalid Scan" and "Quantity Updated" provide clear communication to the user about the actions they are executing - reducing user errors and improving efficiency of many operations.

On-line help can be accessed for the currently selected screen by pressing F1. Each screen or section in the help system provides an overview, a description of key features, and detailed descriptions for fields, buttons, and menu items.

On-Screen tutorials using Lotus ScreenCam provides detailed and step-by-step user training.

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